Sunday, 23 March 2014


Month two in Bootcamp and the assignment Lilla gave us was to design bolt fabric with the theme of jelly!!!  I was a bit disappointed to be honest but sure that once I started my research I'd be fine and soon get inspired.  How wrong could I be! The more pictures of jelly I looked at the more I began to really dislike the stuff, the bright primary plain colours, the symmetrical shapes, and the savoury jellies of the sixties with the salad, cabbage, and meat...oh my god!

So, I had to focus on what I like about jelly, and to me it's all about childhood, birthdays, little glass dishes that we always used to eat our jelly or trifle out of, the lovely strawberry scent.  So I wanted to do a children's fabric design that captured all that.  I was also really determined with this brief to keep my colours pretty flat and graphic so I didn't allow myself any painting or collage (only a little bit of bubble wrap printed texture snuck it's way in).  

Well here's my finished bolt fabric design.  I'm quite happy with it.  Not sure about my coordinates though.  They were based on the shapes of the cut glass dishes but I think they're a bit big and blocky and obvious so I'll probably rework those when I have time.  

We have next month off from Bootcamp as Make Art That Sells Part B is running.  I'm not taking it this time unfortunately but I think I'm gonna be pretty busy next month anyway.  I'll post about my amazing news soon....but in the meantime here's a little clue.  Well actually its a massive excited!!!!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Cuckoo Design

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to rework my second cuckoo clock design.  I wanted to include some of my original line drawings from week one, change the layout a bit and play around with the colour palette.  Well here's the new reworked pattern.  Much nicer I think!

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