Saturday, 9 November 2013

Make Art That Sells Week 2

Time for a catch up!  I think I'll do it over a few posts or this one will go on forever.

So, this month I've been busy on the wonderful Make Art That Sells ecourse, as well as doing some Christmas card artworks for the lovely people over at Abacus Cards.  I can't post anything about my card designs (Christmas 2014 so top secret) but I can post about the amazing MATS course.

Week 2 was all about Home Decor.  Lilla started the week by showing some gorgeous products to get us all inspired, and setting us a mini exercise to draw Bromeliads (never heard of them).  Turns out they're a type of plant related to the pineapple...lots of spikes...tropical looking...really not my thing, but I drew and painted them anyway, and produced a collection of the most ugly drawings I've done in a long time.

The assignment given on Wednesday was to design 2-4 floral ceramic plates based on our drawings of bromeliads, suitable for a retailer like Anthropolgie or Crate & Barrel.

Cue many hours of painfully trying to get my (ugly) drawings into some kind of design I liked in Photoshop, nearly having nothing to submit for the weekly review by Lilla, and then at the last minute ditching everything I'd done and starting again.......but.......FINALLY....I got there, and here is my submission.

I didn't use any of my drawings in the end, and opted instead to go down the paper cut and collage route, adding a little bird, crowns and butterflies.  Such a stressful week, but worth it as Lilla reviewed my work and said everything about my design was happy (if only she knew) and light and successful.

I learnt a lot this week about not giving up!

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