Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas!!

It's Christmas Eve, one of my favourite days of the year. The house is all sparkly and Christmassy (here's our teeny tiny tree in the front room...we do have a big tree in the kitchen diner but I haven't got a decent photo of it).  The presents are all bought and wrapped, cards are all sent, food shopping is done, house is cleaned (a bit), just time to relax, watch a Christmas movie and get ready for my favourite bedtime of the year.

 My three are a little bit worried this year because I've been reading them The Empty Stocking by Richard Curtis and Rebecca Cobb.  It's my absolute favourite Christmas book of recent years and the kids love it too.  Here's a couple of the lovely illustrations by Rebecca Cobb.  

It's a wonderful story that always has my little ones mouth drop wide open in shock when Santa actually does leave an empty stocking.  Hopefully that won't happen here tonight. I've got three very excited (and slightly worried) little people who cannot wait to find out.

So, Happy Christmas everybody. Hope you all have a good one.  Here's a few mince pies I made just for you (I'm rubbish at baking so I've drawn them instead) xx

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