Saturday, 26 April 2014

PaperandCloth Exciting News!

So, the exciting news I mentioned in my previous post last month (didn't realise it had been that long...where did that go?!) is that I am now represented by the absolutely, amazingly wonderful, Paper and Cloth!!! Woohoo!!!

I am so excited!  It's amazing to be working with such a wonderful studio.  I LOVE Paper and Cloth.  Their designs are exactly the kind of style I like, really illustrative, whimsical and quirky. Here's a little selection of a few of their beautiful designs and show flyers.

How gorgeous are they?!  If you want to see some more of their lovely designs check out their website, blog, or my PaperandCloth board over on Pinterest, which also shows work by some of the amazing artists they work with such as Rosie Harbottle and Kate Hindley.

I find it hard to believe that this time last year I was just restarting my career by taking The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.  Thanks to ABSPD I started designing again. I set up Paintlove Studio, my blog, learnt to work digitally, put my work on the MOYO directory, started pinning my designs on Pinterest, and 'putting myself out there'.  Scary at first but definitely worth it.  I then did Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells course which was such an inspiring and motivating experience.  I can't believe that within a year I'm working with one of my dream studios, who contacted me (I know!!!) after seeing my work online.  It's amazing! So now the hard (but fun) work begins, designing some lovely new work for Paper and Cloth. I won't be able to post the new stuff I'm working on (it has to be 'never been seen before' designs that they show to clients) but Lilla's Assignment Bootcamp starts again very soon after it's month long break, so I'll be posting the work I do for that during May.  Can't wait to see what Lilla's come up with.....I wonder what the theme will be.....we'll soon find out!

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