Thursday, 14 November 2013

Make Art that Sells Week 5

Well, it was the final week of Make Art that Sells last week.  So sad it's finishing.  I'm really gonna miss the daily lovely, supportive, talented classmates....and Lilla, our wonderful teacher.  This has been my absolute favourite ever course and I would definitely recommend it.

This week the brief was to design a hyper lush zipper pouch based on our 'collections'.

My first problem was I don't actually collect anything.  My classmates were starting to show their amazing collections of vintage ceramics, jewellery, gorgeous inspiring objects and ephemera and I was starting to get a bit worried.

I looked around my house, on a treasure hunt, and the only thing I found I collect stuff!! I collect kids stuff!!  My children's toys, books, dolls, drawings and paintings....I have a collection!!!

So I painted, drew, scanned and collaged away, using my kids' drawings, hand prints and paintings, alongside my own, and here's what I came up with.

I was quite pleased with this, mainly because it's so different for me, and it was really fun to do in Photoshop. Definitely going to work in this way again, get loads of bits and pieces of imagery, throw them all in, mix them up and see what comes out.

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