Saturday, 9 November 2013

Make Art That Sells Week 3

Week 3 at Lilla school was all about Children's Picture Books, a week I was really looking forward to. Since having my three little kids and reading them hundreds of picture books over the last few years, I've got SO into them and I love buying gorgeous books for my kids (for me).  Last year I did an Illustrating Children's Book course with the London Art College which I loved.  (Here's a little pic of a drawing I did on the course of a border for a spooky poem).

Back to MATS, Mondays mini was to draw a bird character and letter the words 'The Language of the Birds'.  Lots of trends and inspiration were given, tips on creating appealing characters, as well as information on getting work in this market.

The assignment was to illustrate the front cover, or a double page spread for an old Russian folk tale 'The Language of the Birds'.  I loved doing this brief.  The idea, colour scheme and character came together really quickly and I had so much fun painting and collaging the final artwork.  To top it off Lilla reviewed my piece and said so many lovely positive things about it!

I'm definitely going to be illustrating some more fairytales and folktales for my it!


  1. Wow this is beautiful love the details and colours.

  2. Your work is so amazing Linda! I'm on the ABSPD course with you :)

  3. Oh! This is absolutely amazing!


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