Thursday, 19 September 2013

Daring Adventures

I'm starting to get a bit addicted to art eCourses.  I'd already signed up for the brilliant Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, but couldn't resist Mati Rose McDonough's 'Daring Adventures in Paint' (bargain price.)

Unfortunately, they're running at the same time and I haven't been giving Mati's course my full attention.  I watch the videos, read all the posts, look at everybody else's work, but that's as far as it goes, I haven't actually done any painting....until today.  I made some time to get stuck in, so I thought I'd share the results.

We've been learning about making 'lush backgrounds' using various paint techniques and collage.

The pictures above and below are works in progress, just backgrounds, lots more layers to go on yet, but I kinda like them the way they are.



  1. Love your backgrounds, I agree that they look beautiful the way they are :)

    1. Thanks Gigi, my first ever blog comment! I feel like sending you a present! x Well, I'm just hoping they'll be improved and not ruined with the next steps...I'll post them when they're done, fingers crossed.


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