Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cuckoo Clocks

Week two in Lilla's bootcamp and the assignment was to design a mobile phone cover using our cuckoo clock artwork.  I wasn't that excited when I read we had to design for a phone case....bit small....but once I'd seen Lilla's gorgeous quirky inspiration, colour palette ideas, art tips, and beautiful examples of how to present our designs I couldn't wait.

I didn't use many of my original drawings from week one in the end...I tried...but failed...and ended up going back to my old favourites paint and collage. 

I also tried a second option which I'm going to rework a little when I get the chance. It's been half term and raining here this past week so not much chance of doing anything except breaking up fights.

There are over 400 designs from my fellow happy bootcampers in a gallery over at Lilla's blog, you can see them here.

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