Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Year New Things

It's a new year!  It's also way too late to say happy new year, so I won't, but I do hope that 2015 is a good one for all of you.  New blog course...I love new, don't you!

First up, new logo.  I never really designed my old logo (see below).  I just used this black box with 'paintlove studio' typed in it, or just typed 'paintlove studio' on my work in a very boring standard typeface...not very interesting.

So here's the new logo...ta dah!  It's still very simple (I like simple) but it is hand lettered instead of typed, and as my business name consists of the words paint and love, it has a splodgy strip to suggest the paint, and hearts over the letter I's for love.  I love scallop edging as well so had to have a bit of that in there.

and below a simpler version without the painted background colour. 

Much better than my old logo I think.  Next up, my new website!!  I hadn't really planned on making a new website at this time.  My portfolio was happily displayed over on the lovely Moyo directory along with 516 other surface pattern designers. Bit of a surprise when a few months ago, we had notice that the Moyo directory was closing, but the definite push I needed to get my own website up and running.  So here it is Click on the link if you would like to have a little look around.

Finally, a new course. Module 3 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design starts tomorrow and I can't wait!  The first two modules were brilliant and I know this one will also be packed full of information.  I know quite a bit about freelancing and licensing having worked in the business for a few years now, but I know less about manufacturing and selling my own products.

Years ago, I used to make and hand paint clocks and individual greetings cards and sell them to the little 'new age' shop I used to work in (all wind chimes, incense sticks, tie dye, whale know the type). They sold pretty well, but the clocks took hours to make, even the cards were individual collages, each one completely unique. With hindsight, I should have framed the collaged cards and sold them as artworks for a lot more, but I was very inexperienced and thrilled just to have my work in a shop with people buying them.   I did it for a couple of years, it was fun, but definitely more of a hobby than a business at that time. I do remember though, how exciting it was to make and sell my own work as a finished product.  I'm really looking forward to doing that again which is why I've signed up for this fabulous course.  I'll be posting about my progress as I go and can't wait till tomorrow to get started!


  1. Love the new logo - I am re desigining mind at the mo - it's not easy : )

  2. Thanks so much Stephanie! I know, it's not as easy as it looks is it. Your works beautiful, I'm sure your logo will be too!


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