Friday, 31 January 2014

I'm on Lilla's Blog!

I am so excited today.  My work is pictured on the amazing Lilla Rogers Studio blog!!  A lovely big picture of the design I did for the Make Art That Sells Children's Book assignment 'The Language of the Birds' and the plate design I did for the Home Decor assignment.....are there....on Lilla's blog....all by themselves!!! Check them out here at

They are part of a feature on the brand new Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp which I'm signed up for and can't wait to start on Monday!!   I'll be posting all the (hopefully lovely) work I do throughout bootcamp over the next six months.  (For full details of what promises to be an amazing course...if MATS is anything to go on the link above).


  1. yay! looks fab :-) and see you Monday!

  2. Thanks Bee! See you in class! x


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