Thursday, 23 January 2014

Collage Cat

I love cats.  I love collage.  I love cards.   So today I did a picture with all three of my favourite things.  A collaged cat (wearing a crown...I like those too)  holding a card.  Just needs some chocolate (one of my other favourite things) and it would be perfect!

One of my aims this year is to get some of my own greetings cards published.  I'm quite liking the idea of this little collaged cat as a card, just need to do some other animals to keep her company now.


  1. hey linda just saw your name on the latest lilla rogers send out so thought I would google you and here you are with stunningly beautiful work!! hope all is well x x x

  2. Hey Ilona, lovely to hear from you, I'm fine thanks, hope you are too. Glad you found my little blog. Got one of your beautiful cards off Jo (Cave) for my bday (a teapot and mug design) love your cards!! xx

  3. Hey lovely thats so cool!! I do sell in a shop back in Ketters, yes all well with me juggling work and a 3 year old, how you do it with 3 I will never know!! do stay in touch x x x


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